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Lead conversion

Use to gain an in-depth understanding of your commercial leads and help you to better target your acquisition efforts towards the most appropriate ones. Clearly evaluating each of your leads will help to boost your conversion rates. Read more

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Product cross-sell

Discover what your customer intends to do next. With, focus your marketing efforts in a more targeted and relevant way an improve the efficiency of your cross-sell campaigns. Read more

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Bad debt

Get individual predictions of likelihood to pay as early as invoice issuance. With, prioritise your cash collection actions based on customer behaviors. Read more

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Anticipate customer behaviours. can provide a list of your most fragile customers to allow you to act on them before they leave. It can highlight the main reasons for churn which you can then use to generate carefully tailored retention offers.

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Risk management solutions

Risk Management

With you can detect fraudulent behaviours through automatic profiling of fraudsters. Optimise your cash collection, improve your credit scoring and reduce your bad debt. Read more

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