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Guillaume Delamare StarOfService
We were just at the start of our data science journey. Our objective was to get started on data project, focus on the “breadcrumbs” rather than huge big data.
We also wanted to show the impact advanced analytics can have on the business as a whole. We’ve been able to demonstrate that on AWS can indeed have an impact without committing large sums of money and start our journey to a data-centric organisation.
— Guillaume Delamare, VP Product StarOfService

Enable your BI analyst in minutes


The Client: StarOfService

Founded in 2013, StarOfService directly connects local professionals to clients who are in need of specific services in over 800 fields ranging from plumbing to wedding photographers, language teachers and DJs. StarOfService’s platform improves access to services and, at the same time, allows professionals to develop their businesses. Headquartered in Paris, France, StarOfService is a marketplace which allows service buyer to tell the platform what he or she is looking for and then awaits bids on their request. Buyers can then pick a service provider based on reviews and quotes.

Growing at 400.0% year-on-year, the platform is the european leader on the local services market and is active in more than 80 countries around the world. Having handled more than two million requests since its inception, it currently has a presence in Australia, Brazil, Canada,France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

The Challenge

Without a data scientist yet in place, StarOfService needed to find ways to quickly test hypothesis on how to optimize their service. Like many innovative young companies, StarOfService was looking at ways to move fast in a context of limited resources, enable analytics projects in a cost efficient way and to make the most of their AWS infrastructure. More specifically, StarOfService wanted to initiate some long time and short term objectives:

- Strategically, StarOfService wanted to enable a data centric organisation. There was a clear view from the management team to avoid making decisions on “gut feel”. But having a large team of data scientists was not a possibility as this would not only be costly but also would have slowed down existing projects. So they needed to enable the existing team members, notably the BI team, with solutions that didn’t complexify their day to day progress with machine learning or algorithmic matters.

- Operationally, addressing the issues above had to be done in a simple way. Getting through a complex provisioning process addressing privacy, security and, in the long term, scalability was not an option. Leveraging its existing AWS infrastructure with a 2-clicks provisioning process, with a limited financial commitment, was foreseen as the right way forward.

The Solution

StarOfService has been able to use from AWS Marketplace without any provisioning hurdle. On the analytical side, StarOfService initiated the process to learn from their data to create a client segmentation in order to increase value to their users. It structured the Product Roadmap with prioritising new features that were solving its users major pain points.

On the operational side, the BI expert could upload data to and gain insights with a few clicks and in a few minutes. As a self-serve predictive analytics solution, surfaces the features that drive quote generation, filtering out those that don’t. No machine learning skills were needed to get started and do so at scale. Financially, on the AWS Marketplace can be used with an on-demand model. So StarOfService management knew they were not tied to long term commitment and could validate how could fit in their workflow at a starting price of $3 per hour. The decision process has also been facilitated by the hands-on support of the PredicSis team in the early days of using