on AWS Pricing


Cost effective and easy to pay for, hourly or annually, via your existing AWS account

Delivered via the AWS Marketplace, you can launch on AWS as an AMI directly inside your EC2 console.

predictive analytics low price


-> Pay hourly

-> Monthly Subscription Fee: $950

-> Concurrent users

-> Prices from $8 per hour

-> Billing via your existing AWS account

-> Choose the right instance size for your needs


Hourly or Annual Billing


Hourly billing charges whenever the on AWS instance is started in your EC2 console.
You need the on AWS started when:

-> Analysts use the software, via GUI or SDK
-> Developers are developing integrations
-> Predictive scores are being computed

When a on AWS instance is stopped in the EC2 console, you are not charged.
The instance will pick-up where it left off whan you restart it.

Hourly is ideal for proof of value, trials and projects where you do not need to use the solution all the time.
Hourly customers can get support through the on AWS support portal.


Your Collaborative AMI Collaborative supports up to concurrent jobs.
It is suited to larger teams and threads of predictions running in parallel.

Upgrading your instance

You can upgrade your instance, for example, from an m4.2xlarge to an m4.4xlarge, at any time.

For hourly users, simply change the instance size via your EC2 console. AWS Marketplace will adjust the billing to the correct rate.
Your data (e.g. saved jobs, configurations, logs) will all be preserved.
For annual customers, talk to our sales team who will walk you through the simple process to upgrade.
You can upgrade in a few minutes!

Multiple instance

You may choose to use more than one instance, for example to support two separate teams, or an instance for analyses and another for production. Purchase extra instances as required via the AWS Marketplace, either hourly or annually.
If you have a requirement for a large number of instances, or enterprise-wide licencing, talk to our sales team about an enterprise licencing agreement.