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What is allows any company to design and automate customer-centric decision processes. It is now easy to adapt your Sales and Marketing actions to each and every customer!

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predictive software


What does

With, the user can easily discover and understand drivers of a given behaviour and use these to anticipate individual customer intentions or identify customer look-alikes.

The user can remain focused on business outcomes. Machine learning power is automatic and transparent, with no need to dive into the intricacies of data science. A simple drag and drop of a CSV file with a sample of the targeted population is all that is necessary to start providing answers.


Why is on AWS Marketplace?

Easy to install and fully operational in three clicks, on AWS can be run on your account, without the need to export any data outside. Leverage the flexibility and the security of AWS Cloud for your predictive analytics.




Influence any or all business outcomes

Whether you need to improve the performance of your retention actions or your fraud detection process, as long as you have data can help you to leverage it to good effect.


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Think big, start small, iterate fast

No more analysis paralysis. Don't waste time! With, predictive analytics on AWS, you can iterate fast from A to Z.


Superpowers you didn't even imagine you had!

Turning data into insights in minutes. Assess ROI in just a few clicks. Achieve seamless integration with production processes.