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“Our big data architecture gives our subject matter expert (marketing, finance, sales, HR) the ability to access the otherwise siloed data. Their immediate adoption of allows them to leverage the data and inject the power of AI at the heart of our business processes.”
— Hugues Lebars, CDO Neopost

Data Driven Transformation with Neopost


Hugues Lebars, Neopost CDO, faced the challenge to turn Neopost into a data centric company. To achieve this, Hugues needs to create a “data lake” to centralise all data and break down all existing silos while delivering tangible improvements of its business processes.

Neopost marketing team also knew that it could improve its retention initiatives. Current processes did not leverage data and left the sales team to their own demise to fight churn, making decision based purely on judgement. By taking decisions as early as possible and using the whole range of data available, predictive scoring was identified as a way to optimise retention and improve sales and marketing processes. One question was left open: how to easily empower front line operatives that were subject matter expert but didn’t have advanced analytical skills?

The overall goal of Neopost was therefore to assess the benefits of leveraging every data sources, remove all existing silos to tap into big data opportunities for the business as a whole and enable front line analysts. In this context, retention was one of the “quick win” identified to validate a company-wide solution.

Solutions is a self-serve solution available on AWS market place. Users are enabled in minutes and can run predictive analysis based on tens of tables from several data sources, from customers data, digital data, invoices, franking machines, etc. In short, all the possible data that Neopost labs had available.  

Tapping into Neopost data lake, the front line marketing team uses to elaborate targeted lists of fragile customers. Neopost sales team can rapidly act upon this list and implement sales led retention activities and, ultimately, reduce churn. Beyond providing a score on various customers, the marketing team now understands the underlying signals driving the unsubscription enquiries and can implement preventative measures.


Within a few days, the agile team has been able to assess the benefits of a data-driven retention process. Neopost can access a wide range of data sources, each one capturing a specific facet of customer behaviours. This initiative demonstrated that, to increase the impact of predictive programs (retention, fraud, etc) teams can now avoid restricting themselves and add as many sources as possible to improve their efficiencies.'s acclaimed workflow transforms the signal discovery process from a stressful nightmare into an easy to access experience. Predictive analytics can now be put at the center of initiatives addressing various issues (retention, fraud, scoring models, etc) and focus on what matters most: delivering data-driven ROI.

About Neopost

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