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“Our big data architecture gives our team members (marketing, finance, sales, HR) the ability to access the otherwise siloed data.
Their adoption of allows them to immediately leverage the data and inject the power of AI at the heart of our business processes.”
— Hugues Lebars, CDO Neopost

Data Driven Transformation with Neopost

The Client: Neopost

Neopost is the number two global provider of mailing solutions and a major player in digital communications and shipping solutions. Its mission is to guide and support organisations in how they send and receive communications and goods, helping them better connect with their business environment through hardware, software and services.

With a strong local presence in 31 countries and over 6000 employees, Neopost works closely with its network of partners to supply innovative user-friendly solutions for physical and digital communications management to large enterprises and SMEs, as well as shipping processes to supply chain and e-commerce players.

The Challenge

Hugues Lebars, Neopost CDO, was faced with the challenge to turn Neopost into a data-centric company.  To achieve this, Hugues knew he needed to create a “data lake” to centralise all data and thereby break down all existing silos.  In this way he would be able to deliver tangible improvements to Neopost’s business processes.

At the same time, the Neopost marketing team was looking to improve its retention initiatives. Current processes did not leverage the data and rather left the sales team struggling to fight churn, making decisions based purely on personal judgment.Predictive scoring was identified by top management as a way to maximise customer retention by detecting fragile customer relationships and providing the means to take appropriate retention initiatives.

One question remained: How to easily empower front line operations teams who were experts but who had no data science skills?

The Solution is a self-serve solution available on the AWS Market Place.  Within minutes, Neopost users were set up and able to run predictive analysis on large numbers of tables from multiple data sources - from customer data, to digital data, invoices, franking machines - in short, all the possible data that Neopost labs had available.

Tapping into the Neopost France data lake, the front line marketing team used to generate targeted lists of at risk customers, which the Neopost sales team was then able to rapidly act upon to implement sales-led retention activities and ultimately reduce churn. 

In addition to the enhanced scoring information of its customers, the marketing team now understands the underlying signals driving the unsubscribe enquiries and can implement preventive measures in a timely fashion.

The Results

Within just a few days the agile team was able to assess the benefits of a data-driven retention process.Neopost can now access a wide range of data sources, each one capturing a specific facet of a customer’s behaviour.

This initiative demonstrated that to increase the impact of predictive programs (retention, upselling, conversion), teams can now avoid restricting themselves to limited amounts of data and instead can add as many sources as possible to improve the accuracy and quality of information. It also proved that thanks to automatic Machine Learning, data science skills are no longer required to get effective predictive analytics results. Empowering existing teams has become a reality.’s acclaimed workflow transforms the trigger discovery process from a stressful headache into an easy-to-access experience.

Predictive analytics can now be put to work at the centre of initiatives addressing various business issues (retention, upsell, cross-sell, conversion etc), to focus on what matters most: delivering data-driven ROI.