If the data of Casino Metric ecosystem sparks your curiosity, if the world of predictive analytics and machine learning speaks to you, and if you like the challenge of linking raw data to real business, then... PredicSis is the place for you!



The team needs a front-end developer, passionate and excellent with AngularJS, to insure the conception and amelioration of Web apps. Other known frameworks would be greatly welcomed (React…). You will join a welcoming and skilled front-end developer team.


Your challenge, if you accept would be:

  • To guarantee the mission within the deadlines
  • To have a watchful eye to the quality of your and your team’s development
  • To optimize the developments to enable easy and quick interactions
  •  To win the maximum number of Foosball game                

And of course, English language isrequired for this position!

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Front-end Developer

Paris or Lannion, France




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