What is PredicSis.ai?

A self-serve solution for anyone to discover actionable insights

You can now boost every business actions with data and get to a significant impact on your business bottom line. Walking the path from data to value has never required so few Machine Learning knowledge and has never been so short.

PredicSis.ai embeds Machine Learning by design and is geared towards simplifying things, not making them more complex.

  • Discover and share your first insights in minutes
  • Explore together several data sources
  • Stay focus on analysing reliable and meaningful insights
  • Use your business knowledge to drive the solution
  • Deploy into production seamlessly.

Who is it for?

Give your teams an agile solution to impact the bottom line

Software Engineers

Power-up your apps with Machine Learning features, with a few lines of code

Business Analysts

Reliable and actionable insights just a few clicks away


Give your team a solution to impact the bottom line, faster

Data Scientists

Exhaust every data sources and boost your models


Empower your organization through seamless integration

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