What is PredicSis.ai on AWS?

PredicSis.ai for AWS takes your BI environment to the next level, from Descriptive to Predictive Analytics. It empowers analysts to understand customer behaviour and to predict their intentions in minutes, not months, without data science skills. PredicSis.ai for AWS answers questions such as:

  • What explains your NPS?
  • What drives your customer claims?
  • Why are your customers dissatisfied and who are they?

It helps you to understand which customers are likely to take a specific product or to churn, and why.

Who is PredicSis.ai on AWS for? Should I consider using this product?

There are two type of professionals using PredicSis:

  1. Data analysts who know little or nothing about data science but need to build predictive insights simply using business knowledge.
  2. Data scientists who need to manage multiple projects and want to accelerate their workflow; assess more data sets; discover more insights, quicker.
What are the benefits of PredicSis.ai compared to traditional predictive approaches such as manual or even Amazon ML?

Firstly, you do not need to have any knowledge of data science to use PredicSis.ai. The technical requirement to build predictive models, discover features or extract correlation between various events is as simple as dragging and dropping csv files.

PredicSis.ai is an auto ML solution. So companies using PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS want to increase the efficiency of their BI analysts or other team members who do not know data science (see question above). They also need to improve the efficiency of their data scientists to enable them to work in a more agile manner, accelerating the iterations they have with other stakeholders.

Do I need to know about data science, Python, R or similar to use PredicSis.ai ?

No. PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS enables professionals who have no data science knowledge to drive predictive projects and to manage these projects in a more efficient manner. It is now possible to build these predictive models in minutes, not weeks or months and to push these models into live production rapidly.

What are the types of issues I should try to address with PredicSis.ai?

PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS can help you to understand what drives a subscription, the cancellation of a monthly recurring service, sale of a product, the event that led to a fraudulent transaction or any action a customer of yours might make. It might be an engine failure, a machine breakdown or a sensor output if your business is an industrial one.

How is PredicSis.ai on AWS delivered? Is it a SaaS product, a client install etc?

PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS is delivered as an AMI via the AWS marketplace. This means you launch PredicSis product within your own AWS infrastructure. It is not a Saas as you do not use the servers of our company. Once delivered via the AMI, you access the application and your users (be they analysts, data scientists or marketing professionals) build their model via the GUI. If they want to then run parallel jobs or implement live scoring, it is possible to set up a dedicated machine.

Who is PredicSis?

PredicSis is a cloud software company based in Lannion and Paris, France with recently opened offices in San Francisco, CA. We are an advanced AWS Technology partner, AWS marketplace partner and were founded in 2014 with customers using PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS globally.


How much data preparation do I need to do before using PredicSis.ai?

None. PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS works with raw csv files. You simply need to load them and gain your first insights within minutes. Iterate from there. It is only worth investing time in data preparation if first signals are not strong enough to increase the impact the predictive insights have on your business.


How much does PredicSis.ai on AWS cost?

PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS enables you to get started without any financial hurdles. It is charged either on a pay-per-use basis or with an annual commitment. It is the most cost efficient way to start or run a predictive project and is settled directly from your AWS account.

The hourly pricing model is at $8 regardless of the instance you choose to run it on. Annual users pay a one-off subscription and can use PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS as much as they want.


What support is available with the product?

PredicSis provides comprehensive support to users, be they hourly users or annual users via a range of videos, phone, a dedicated support portal that can be found here and email support support@predicsis.ai.

I need assistance using the product. Do you offer services?

Whilst we do not provide professional services, we have a team of dedicated experts who are always ready to get on a phone or screen share to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible with PredicSis.ai predictive analytics on AWS. Do not hesitate to contact us at support@predicsis.ai.