If the data ecosystem sparks your curiosity, if the world of predictive analytics and machine learning speaks to you, and if you like the challenge of linking raw data to real business, then... PredicSis is the place for you!



Have you ever heard of PredicSis?

We’re about 25 engineers, researchers, developers, sales representatives and data scientists gathered between Britany and Paris to transform our customer’s dream ROI to reality thanks to Machine Learning and Big Data.

You’re the right person if :

  • Building an automatic, performant and consistent Machine Learning pipeline is your ultimate goal
  • You are aware of all the challenges waiting on your way
  • Attention to detail is a second nature – so much you don’t even realise that you are (nearly) a maniac
  • These following expressions ‘‘This data isn’t clean’’ and ‘‘There is to much data’’ are not part of your lexical field
  • Working as a hermit is not – I mean it ! Not at all – to your liking
  •  People say that you know how to think out of the box and that you can question theoretical teaching

What we’re waiting from you ? Above being able to define what a amazing data scientist is (and of course being one), we need you to be unbeatable on one of the following :

  • Hadoop and Spark ecosystem
  • The SQL language with all its variants (Hive, Pig) – Python
  •  The AWS services     

Furthermore, everything you don’t know about interests you.

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Data Scientist

Paris, France



To further develop, our team is looking for an experienced lead developer mastering the modern web architectures, allowing the production of quality SaaS apps while being a tech enthusiast.                               

Ruby on Rails master, you would love to contribute to the projects progress while insuring the team’s technical management.


Here’s what we’re waiting from you! To be the lead… but also:

  • To be convinced the future is in the SaaS industry
  • To conciliate technical evolution with time imperatives
  • To be the link between our great Technical Executive and the Team.


You’re the right person if Ruby on rails and Git have been of daily use for the past 3 or 4 years, that Agile development and open source are obvious to you, and that you are constantly keeping on top of new technologies, such as AngularJS.

And of course, Shakespeare language is no mystery to you!

A start-up experience attracts you, you are impatient to (re)discover the sea and Brittany’s weather? Apply Now!

Lead Developer

Lannion, France

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The team needs a front-end developer, passionate and excellent with AngularJS, to insure the conception and amelioration of Web apps. Other known frameworks would be greatly welcomed (React…). You will join a welcoming and skilled front-end developer team.


Your challenge, if you accept would be:

  • To guarantee the mission within the deadlines
  • To have a watchful eye to the quality of your and your team’s development
  • To optimize the developments to enable easy and quick interactions
  •  To win the maximum number of Foosball game                

And of course, English language isrequired for this position!

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Front-end Developer

Lannion, France



Our team needs a back-end developer, even a junior one, as long as you love challenges and that your goal is to always be the one testing new technologies.

The key to success would be to master:

  • Ruby on Rails framework
  • Modern NoSQL type data base
  • AWS cloud technologies / Heroku…         


And of course, Shakespeare language is no mystery to you!

If a start-up experience attracts you, while team working boosts your moral and you are impatient to (re)discover the sea and Brittany’s weather – then... Use the form to Contact Us!

Back-end Developer

Lannion, France



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