Data Analyst

data analyst

Are you trying to understand why the last outbound campaign didn’t work?
Or trying to explain what drives the Net Promoter Score?
Is it important to surface early signs of fatigue in order to anticipate churn?

Do you need to profile your customers before you can run any marketing activities?
Is the detection of new fraud patterns mandatory for updating the fraud detection engine?

If the answer lies in the data but you feel it will  be like finding a needle in a haystack, is here to help.



With an ingenious insight discovery workflow packaged behind a beautiful, minimalistic interface, allows you to work at drag&drop speed.

A csv file with a sample of the desired outcome is enough for you to surface meaningful and reliable rules. With or without specific Machine Learning knowledge.


Do you need to build a pdf report from what you have discovered?
There’s a feature for that.

Do you want to capture relationships between columns via a set of rules?
There’s a feature for that.

Are you wishing to find correlations between several columns?
There’s a feature for that.

You don’t know whether missing values are significant?
There’s a feature for that.

Are stakeholders asking for insights from data you’ve never heard of before?
Well, there’s even an application for that.