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Remarkable tool for data discovery and predictive analytics
— Antoine Anicotte, Starofservice


“Thanks to PredicSis, we have reduced the volume of outbound calls by 30%. Over and above the savings we’ve made, our teams are now more motivated, and we are no longer making calls to disinterested parties. Predictive analytics is today fully integrated within our technical and business processes, enabling us to respond faster, and more effectively.” Bertrand Liber, President LSA Courtage


“PredicSis Machine Learning is impressive – very fast plug ‘n’ play. I was particularly impressed by the speed of integration and I am looking forward to seeing the results of the forthcoming campaigns. For Orange Romania, these were the first tangible results we’d seen in the big data analytics new world.”
Julien Ducarroz, COO Orange

— Sanni Heruwala, Sasken


“Our big data architecture gives our team members (marketing, finance, sales, HR) the ability to access the otherwise siloed data. Their adoption of allows them to immediately leverage the data and inject the power of AI at the heart of our business processes.” Hugues Lebars, CDO Neopost


Questions answered. Simple as that.
— Dick koers, Loyalty Lab


“We were just at the start of our data science journey. Our objective was to get started on data project, focus on the “breadcrumbs” rather than huge big data. We also wanted to show the impact advanced analytics can have on the business as a whole. We’ve been able to demonstrate that on AWS can indeed have an impact without committing large sums of money and start our journey to a data-centric organisation.“ Guillaume Delamare, VP Product Starofservice



“At Loyalty Lab, predictive analysis is essential in getting to know our customers' customers. What indicators are key in knowing what they will do next? Until now, the almost mystic process of building our machine learning models was a time consuming job for highly specialised analysts and mathematicians. has changed all this completely. Now, basically anyone who can use a spreadsheet, can also build advanced and highly accurate AI models and put them into action. Wondering what parameters drive your business and where to improve? Just upload some data, sit back and Predicsis will get your questions answered.“ Dick Koers, Solution Architect at Loyalty Lab