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Too much information kills information, until new tools come along to help...

Knowledge gathering and making savvy decisions based on business data are core to almost all organisations, regardless of size or sector. Whether the user is an expert data analyst handling data all day long, or an occasional ‘dip-in’ team member, making sense of the data is by no means an easy feat. As the complexity of the output increases - number of tables or columns, missing data, name changes - it becomes more and more difficult to obtain fast and accurate results. We make no apologies for the intelligent robot: BI may have lost its shine a little but AI will restore it to its former glory!

Too much information kills information… but does it need to?

Recently, one of our users told us about his main challenge when using his Business Intelligence software. When creating a new analysis, the most time-consuming part is deciding how to hone in more closely to the information he wants. Which axis to use? Which value to regroup? Which coherent segment to create? Information overdrive.

This is where he found that PredicSis.ai can help him to better use his BI tool and, more importantly, save him a lot of (valuable) time, by simplifying and clarifying the data before him.

Let's look at a simple example

We provide a self-serve predictive analytics solution on AWS. Let's demonstrate the benefits of combining BI and AI tools using Amazon QuickSight and PredicSis.ai respectively. As an example data set, we’ll use the results of a national demographic survey conducted in 2008, which provides information on 48,000 US citizens, including their individual incomes. Our objective will be to understand if you can quickly identify patterns among the particular characteristics of the population earning more than $50k/year.

Even a data set of 17 columns with tens of possible values makes the job difficult and time-consuming. In the following video, I show how the automatic data enrichment provided by PredicSis.ai drastically shortens the process:

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