Ich bin ein AWS Berliner. PredicSis attended the Berlin summit.

  AWS Summit in Berlin for predictive analytics on AWS

Ich bin ein Berliner. Or, should I say, Ich bin ein AWSer. Apologies. A rather cheesy first line. But the PredicSis.ai team recently attended the AWS Berlin event. It was our first AWS Summit and was a great success

Berlin is well known across Europe as a city with a vibrant start-up community. And, as start-ups are basically cloud native, it was an easy decision for us. We had to attend this summit to present how small and large organisations can implement predictive analytics on AWS.

The team set off early the day before. From Paris. From Bordeaux. From London. Short hop in plane. Or for Sylvain who is coming from our development center in Brittany, short hop in local train before jumping in a good old Easyjet.

Location, location, location!

  AWS Summit showing predictive BI on AWS

The Summit was very well organised. We were lucky to have a stand located right by the entrance. So visitors could not miss our subtle message: “Predict your customer behaviours in minutes, for $3ph on AWS”. I have to admit I feared we were too close to the entrance but, as it turned out, visitors make a quick tour of the show, digest what is available and then come back to ask questions: “what is this predict customer behaviour on AWS” thing. A lot of in-depth conversations ensued. From e-commerce companies, utilities, storage companies, there is no shortage of companies that need to optimise their sales and marketing processes with predictive insights without necessarily getting lost in data science jargon. And whilst the majority of visitors were mostly coming from Germany, we also had some interesting conversation with companies in Czech Republic and other nearby countries.  


So, all in all, we are looking forward to next year’s event. Berlin is the second largest AWS community in Europe. But remains conducive to friendly conversations. So if you are starting to work on the AWS marketplace and are partial to some pretzels, then Berlin is the place to be!

  Eating Pretzel while showing AWS Summit predictive BI

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