Super Boules 2017. Where the Paris start-up community chills playing pétanque.

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This week on Wednesday evening was the Super boules 2017. I hadn’t heard of it up until yesterday morning so, for those of you not familiar with it, the super boules is an annual event organised by Stootie, a growing French marketplace. It is, as you might have guessed by the name, a “petanque” competition, the perennial French game that is played in summer times (usually played with a glass of pastis in hand).

The sign-up process had been closed for a long time so we could not have a team taking part but we still decided to attend and meet other innovative start-ups in Paris. Working in a start-up is rather intense with very little down-time so it was a welcome break from talking self-serve analytics or predicting and understanding user behaviours with or without data science skills. And essentially not only chill out with like minded entrepreneurial people but also meet-up French start-up which, as I am based in London, didn’t really know.

Without specific order, we met some of the Marcel team. Marcel is a market similar to Uber though providing a higher end service. The platform enables you to book a driver in the Paris area in just one click, either when you need it or book in advance. There is no surge price and actually a discounted price for people who book in advance. Smart.

We also caught up with the guys at Stootie who were organizing this great event. Linking people to help one another, that’s what Stootie’s platform does: it’s fast, effective and very helpful. Stootie has been growing steadily over the recent years and are about to reach the cap of 1,000,000 users. With a focus on the French market, they have a solid community of users.

We met the guys from Seelk as well. Seelk are the Marketplace experts. They act as the marketplace department for companies that only have a standard e-commerce approach and who want to extend their reach globally and distribute their products across multiple marketplaces. As this is a specialist proposition and as every marketplace has different technologies and commercial requirement, they iron all the creases. We had a long talk about data science, brand and global reach, something we live on a daily basis as is about helping organisations understand  and predict customer behaviours on AWS. And, as our core delivery mechanism is the AWS Marketplace we know full well the advantage of selling through a marketplace very well and I believe Seelk has a bright future ahead!

We also met Callr and WeAssur. They are both focused on smarter interactions between companies and their customers but in very different markets. Callr is the French and successful version of Twilio, to integrate Voice and SMS through APIs. And provides a way for insurance brokers to better understand their customers. So, two start-ups that make sure interaction between companies and their users are really nice and simple!

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But it is not all about technology! Remember, this was an event organised in France. So clearly, food and drinks is central to the start-up community. We have had the opportunity to taste the delicious PAF juices, 100% natural fruit and vegies. You definitely want to try these. I personally tried the “Harmony” fruit juice with beetroot. And, with some innovation such as a monthly subscription of healthy drinks, I wish Paf the same success that the one enjoyed by the Innocent drinks in the UK.

We managed to have a petanque game with the fun team of is a startup putting local culinary artisans in touch with you for any special event. Operating from Paris and Lyon, they work with a range of large and small companies, from the likes of LVMH, Paribas and start-up. If you need to organise a get together, say your start-up has succesfully closed a round and you want to celebrate while still keeping an eye and not splurge, the team at Monbanquet is the right people to talk to. They know the right local artisans and have a turn key solutions that suits large and small budgets.

 Still on the food side, but with a different twist, we met LaBelleAssiette. LaBelleAssiette, allows you to have a chef cooking for you and your friends at home for lunch or dinner. Originally started in the UK, they now operate in France and Germany. If you want to have a dinner party in your own home but without the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning, give them a go!

If we didn’t predict this event (sorry, couldn’t resist), the AWS team shared the details right on time (did I mention we enable predictive analytics in minutes via the AWS marketplace :) ). So we could also catch-up with them and admire their “petanque” skills. And whilst we could not take part of the official competition, next year we will make sure we have a PredicSis team entering it and we look forward to not only catching-up with the friends we met there but also meet new ones.

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