on the AWS Cloud modeling

What is on AWS? is a solution for companies to improve their predictive customer analytics initiatives. Its intuitive and straightforward interface makes it easy for anyone working with data to surface and productionize predictive insights.  It is based on a self-serve data discovery workflow combined with a seamless integration process.



How to start on AWS?

Visit's page on the AWS Marketplace, then choose an instance size and AWS Region and launch the AMI. It will deploy into your existing AWS account, as an AMI visible in your EC2 console. We recommend watching the ‘Turn on on AWS video'. It contains step-by-step instructions on setting up your AMI.



Learn more about on AWS

Already have running on AWS? Learn more about how to use your software below,  and visit our Resource Center.


From conversion improvement to upsell and churn prediction, helps you to enhance the performance of your marketing and sales actions. PredicSis brings your BI environment to the next level, from descriptive to predictive analytics. Using powerful Automatic Machine Learning, it empowers analysts to understand customer behaviors and to predict their intentions. In minutes, not months.

Thanks to PredicSis, we have reduced the volume of outbound calls by 30%. Over and above the savings we’ve made, our teams are now more motivated, and we are no longer making calls to disinterested parties. Predictive analytics is today fully integrated within our technical and business processes, enabling us to respond faster, and more effectively.
— — Bertrand Liber, President of LSA Courtage