“Thanks to PredicSis, we have
improved by 30% the conversion
rate of our outbound calls.
Beyond financial savings, our
team has stronger motivation
and is focused on calling persuadable
prospects. Predictive analytics is now
fully integrated in our technical and business
processes, the call priorities
being calculated in realtime.”
— Bertrand Liber, President of LSA Courtage

Lead Conversion with Assurpeople


When triggering outbound conversion campaigns, how not to spill money on already convinced prospects or, worst, non-convincible ones? 

The Assurpeople marketing team needs a real-time solution to score each on-line prospects asking for an insurance quote in order to trigger a follow-up phone call accordingly. The goal is to call persuadable prospects only. The second objective is to understand why a prospect is more likely to convert than the average one.

Solutions allows Assurpeople to make full use of every data generated by the user before asking for a quote. Business analysts are a few clicks away from delivering actionable insights and IT pros can productionize the solution with a few lines of code.

Predictive model construction

The user collects data from several sources and feed the modeler node. The solution automatically discovers early signals of transformation. The informative signals are combined into an optimal predictive model. The resulting model is the formula that will be productionize to compute predictive transformation scores.

Predictive scoring integration

The model is pushed to the scorer node. The scorer node, under the IT supervision, then computes transformation scores from data collected in real-time. A score is given to every prospects querying a quote, allowing to decide in real-time whether or not to call to convert her.


Thanks to, Assurpeople cuts the number of phone calls by 30%, slashing the cost of its outbound campaigns. With a positive side-effect on commercial pressure and workers fatigue. The real time evaluation of the prospects asking insurance quote online, allowed to address only the more likely to subscribe after a phone contact. 

About Assurpeople

Assurpeople is an online insurance broker, distributing niche motor insurance products with a particular focus on “non-standard” risks. Created in 1970 (Lucheuxgroup), Assurpeople has 120 employees, 85 000 customers and manages a portfolio of more than 100,000 subscribed policies.