“Thanks to PredicSis, we have reduced the volume of outbound calls by 30%. Over and above the savings we’ve made, our teams are now more motivated, and we are no longer making calls to disinterested parties. Predictive analytics is today fully integrated within our technical and business processes, enabling us to respond faster, and more effectively.”
— Bertrand Liber, President of LSA Courtage

Lead Conversion with Assurpeople

The Client: Assurpeople

LSA Courtage – Assurpeople is an online insurance broker, distributing niche motor insurance products with a particular focus on “non standard” risks.  Created in 1970 (Lucheux group), Assurpeople now has 120 employees, 85,000 customers and manages a portfolio of more than 100,000 subscribed policies.

The Challenge

How was Assurpeople to avoid wasting money on outbound conversion campaigns by unnecessarily calling prospects who were already convinced, or, worse still, calling prospects who were simply not interested?

The Assurpeople marketing team needed a real-time solution that would enable them to identify potential customers among those requesting online quotes, and trigger follow-up calls accordingly. The second objective was to understand better the criteria that make a prospect likely to convert.

The Solution

Using the tool, Assurpeople were able to make use of the full range of data collected from the site before a quote was even requested. This put their business analysts just a few clicks away from being able to deliver actionable insights, while at the same time allowing their IT specialists to customise the solution for their particular needs.

Predictive model construction

The user collects historic data from several sources and feeds it into the modelling tool. The solution automatically detects early signs of customer conversion. These signals are then combined into an optimal predictive model, which is then used to compute predictive customer conversion scores.

Predictive data scoring integration

Under IT supervision, the predictive model is then processed by the scoring tool. This computes customer conversion scores from data collected in real time, the higher the score the more likely a customer will convert.  A score is generated for every prospect who makes a request for a quote.  This information then allows the company to make real-time decisions about whether or not to call to convert her/him.

The Results

Thanks to, Assurpeople cut the number of outbound phone calls by 30%, slashing the cost of its outbound campaigns.  Further benefits have been to reduce commercial pressure and worker fatigue.  The real-time evaluation of prospects asking for insurance quotes online has enabled the company to focus their follow-up campaigns only on those who are most likely to subscribe after phone contact.