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Data analyst solutions

Data Analyst

What drives lead conversion? What is the profile of my fragile customers? Can I describe my dissatisfied customers? A simple drag and drop of a CSV file with a sample of my targeted population is enough for to profile your customer base. Without the need for specific Machine Learning knowledge. Read more

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marketing sales solutions

Marketing and Sales Operations

Can I extract a list of my most fragile customers? Can I identify the priority calls for my sales team? Can I prioritise outbound calls from my contact centre to increase performance? Can I more accurately route the case in my call centre depending on the satisfaction level of my customer?

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Data science Solution

Data Science

Is there exploitable information in my data sources and files? How can I find and engineer the most salient features within that data? How can I create optimal predictive classifiers without risking over-fitting ? And what if I need to do it every day on different targets ? The automatic ML of is here to help. Read more

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